Monday, January 23, 2012

The Vampire Diaries! :)

Elena, Stefen,Jeramey, Bonnie,Damon, and Caroline! :)

TVD <3 (:
Okay so, I know I like barley come on here now but when I do you know its gotta be good! So yeah...

Well I went to my friends house for a sleepover and she sugjested we watch The vampire diaries, so we did and... I fell in love! I love the show SOOO SO much! Its so good! I watched the first season in 5 days I think and the second season in 6 day! There are 22 episodes and they are 41 minites long so i watch a lot of episodes and a lot of hours on The Vampire Diaries! But it is so worth it! I love the show so much! I think better then Pretty Little Liars! o.O So its really good... maybe just maybe better then twilight ...
So yeah its a good TV series! Its on the 3rd season and i have to watch it on TV and wait every thursday and sometimes more then just every thursday :( Oh well! 

I think that Damon and Elena would be really good for each other but if Stefen turns good again then they would be good too. But i want her to be with Damon but she is with Damon (Ian) in real life so it would be ok if she was with Stefen in the show! Well i guess we will just have to wait and see who she will end up with! But I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH <3 :)

Damon is sexy and Stefen is hot .... LOL ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh. My. Gawd!

Where oh where do i begin ? Okay .... um... idk.
Well lets just ay summer was aaammmaaazzzzing, amazing ! I went to Victoria with some friends , went to parks , went to Jasper, went to BC, hung out with friends , etc etc  !

Then it became school ! School is gooding pretty darn good , i rarely get homwork and i have a pretty good core! But i come to release    i am not that good in volleyball ... I am going to try out for the basketball team and badminton team ! So yeah thats school !

Okay then there is ringette !!! :)
Ringette is amazing so far too, i have a great team , other then a few players but oh well . I play forward and center again which is great ,  i also score almost every game! :) which is awesome , i use to never get goals ! And my goals are always my back hand so it looks none the better! :) I just got the pants tonight and we are waiting for the hoodies!  We have a game tomorrow (nov 5) and i reff tomorrow! I got an awesome adidas bag ! lol and then we have a tournie next weekend ! ;) in Adaire!

SO yeah ... thats pretty much it .... OOOH, i have to wear elastics now for my braces :/ for like 6 to 8 months :( oh well .. speaking of which ... i should probably put some in ...  yeah .. okay , byee !! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh My !

Rai and i ! :)

Spray park ! ,, with casy :) .. yup shes my best friend !

kelseeey Mooorison ! 

Casy,  Russle and I <3 :) hes soo cutee !

My mama and I at the zoo for the day ! :)


Camp yowochas for 2 weeks !

Katy perry with the best friend !! (:
Wow , i havn't written in SO long ! SO its almost the end of summer :( and I have been enjoying it thats for sure! I am almost never home! I am always out and having sleepover ! I went to to camps! Yowochas and camp fryfly! Met some great friends ! And i am also going to Victoria in 10 daaaaays!!!! :) So stoked ! And then  Kelowna THE day I come back !! :P Craazaay busy summer I know but its one to remember ! :) I am kinda sorta a little bit for school though ! I went back to school shopping with my mom yesterday ! ...  I think! So pretty much my summer as been amazing ! :)    also i went to Katy Perry with my best friend ! :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Children's Festival 2011 (:

The Children's Festival was a couple of weeks ago, and it was the best one yet! I have be volunteering for the past 3 years! But like i said this was the best one yet! It was my first year being an ambassador! SO much fun! I hung out with almost like a group of people which were Me,Casy, Ryan, Kelsey, Channy, Brekk, Taylor, Kaila, and some more! Ambassadors are like regular vollies but totally different !  Like, we do show intros, info tent, site activity ticket sales, dare wagon and van, walking around, mascots! and more! And only ambassadors can do those things! I was a mascot! Haha, it was really fun! It wasnt that hot either! But it was a rainy day ...! :P All i can say is it was a very fun week!
Lmao, Casy and Taty. being casy and taty :)

Me With a walkie talkie !!

Casy and Taty :)

Dare Van , bad pic of me ... whatever @

forest,i look like i have a big head ! HA


Casy and Taty ... yet again! Frosters !!:)

My hat , we all made hats ... but we never wore them !

Most of us got an elmo spray tattoo on a left wrists !
I know there isin't a lot of pics but i for some reason didn't take a lot of pics :( I am sad !

Thursday, June 9, 2011

BC with the Fam Dam !

This was a little while ago ! I think we went in April ?! I dont know! But it was so much fun! we went to the natural hot springs and the not so natural one !  
This mountain was actually like that ! i wasn't tipping my camera at all ! it was cool!

This is when we check in! We were being silly :) 

Yup, thats me! Holding my brother!! :P

Being silly again!

This was like a park like thing ... except it was a workout park !

Next day ... but this is an inside joke ! :)

I got this charm bracelet, its like a travel charm bracelet ! But really any charm can go on it !! 

Walking our way the the NATURAL springs ! We had to go down this rode and it was soooo scary/funny, it was a small path like rode and my mom and Jake were so scared ! LOL!

even more silly !

The springs actually got to hot ! They also spelt kinda bad ! 

the moms in the hot spring ! Mom didnt like it to much ! She thought it smelt to bad !!

Jake and i in the springs ! Ha , i look funny ! 

The springs got to hot  so jake and i decided to go in the river right beside it to cool off , man alive was that cold !!

This goat was so "chill" ! Haha !

We went to this honey place and it had like 7 cats ! i only so 3 !!

This cool wood place !

The honey place !!

Underwater in the not so natural springs but sill natural !! :)

fighting ... (play) <-- lolz

The fammilydammile !.. hehe... !


my  goofy brother!

play fighting ... again !

Squishing my mothers head ! HA!

Being silly , yet again !

Cute pic :) <3

Jakes Eye .

My eye . ;)

silly is our middle names !

Last day ! I was getting sick :(

Last photo! that drink was gooood . ;)
We had so much fun! , just rooming around and being together ! We did a lot ! It was defiantly a very fun, silly , great, sick :( , happy , trip :)